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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 14, 2017 (6 issues)

Issue 14(1), February 2017 (forthcoming)

Stefan Voigt, “How to measure informal institutions”


Marek Hudik and Robert Chovanculiak, “Private provision of public goods via crowdfunding”


Godefroy Dang Nguyen, Sylvain Dejean, Nicolas Jullien, “Do open online projects create social norms?”


Robert Mullings, “Do institutions moderate globalization’s effect on growth?”


Helena Lopes, “The moral dimensions of the employment relationship – institutional implications”


Alberto Chong and Mark Gradstein, “Imposed institutions and preferences for redistribution”


José Carlos Orihuela, “Institutions and place: bringing context back into the study of the resource curse”


Nuno Garoupa, “Does being a foreigner shape judicial behavior? Evidence from the Constitutional Court of Andorra, 1993-2016”