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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 14, 2018 (6 issues)

Issue 14(1), February 2018

Stefan Voigt, “How to measure informal institutions”


Marek Hudik and Robert Chovanculiak, “Private provision of public goods via crowdfunding”


Godefroy Dang Nguyen, Sylvain Dejean, Nicolas Jullien, “Do open online projects create social norms?”


Robert Mullings, “Do institutions moderate globalization’s effect on growth?”


Helena Lopes, “The moral dimensions of the employment relationship – institutional implications”


Alberto Chong and Mark Gradstein, “Imposed institutions and preferences for redistribution”


José Carlos Orihuela, “Institutions and place: bringing context back into the study of the resource curse”


Nuno Garoupa, “Does being a foreigner shape judicial behavior? Evidence from the Constitutional Court of Andorra, 1993-2016” 


Issue 14(2), April 2018



Antoine Parent, “Introduction to the Special Issue on Colonial Institutions and African Development”


Alan Green, “Democracy and institutions in postcolonial Africa”


Roger Congleton and Dongwoo Yoo, “Constitutional bargaining and the quality of contemporary African institutions: A test of the incremental reform hypothesis”


Robbert Maseland, “Is colonialism history? The declining impact of colonial legacies on African institutional and economic development”


Valentin Seidler, “Copying informal institutions: The role of British colonial officers during the decolonization of British Africa”


Dácil Juif and Ewout Frankema, “From coercion to compensation: Institutional responses to labour scarcity in the Central African Copperbelt”


Chukwunonye Emenalo, Francesca Gagliardi and Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “Historical institutional determinants of financial system development in Africa”


Abdallah Zouache, “Institutions and colonisation of Africa: some lessons from French colonial economics”


Antoine Parent and Robert Butler, “Clément Juglar and Algeria: the three pillars of a modern anticolonial criticism”


Issue 14(3), June 2018



Matteo Roggero, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Christoph Oberlack, Klaus Eisenack, Alexander Bisaro, Jochen Hinkel and Andreas Thiel, “Introduction to the special issue on adapting institutions to climate change”


Matteo Roggero, Alexander Bisaro and Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, “Institutions in the climate adaptation literature: a systematic literature review through the lens of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework”


Emmy Bergsma, “Expert-influence in adapting flood governance: An institutional analysis of the spatial turns in the United States and the Netherlands”


Erik Gawel, Paul Lehmann, Sebastian Strunz and Clemens Heuson “Public Choice barriers to efficient climate adaptation – Theoretical insight and lessons learned from German flood disasters”


Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, “Disturbance features, coordination and cooperation: an institutional economics analysis of adaptations in the Spanish irrigation sector”


Christoph Oberlack and Klaus Eisenack, “Archetypal barriers to adapting water governance to climate change


Matteo Roggero and Andreas Thiel, “Adapting as usual: integrative and segregative institutions shaping adaptation to climate change in local public administrations”


Issue 14(4), August 2018

Christopher Brown, “Economy as instituted process: the case of hard rock mining in the United States”


Anders Fremstad, “Is there a future for sharing? A comparison of traditional and new institutions”


Christian Bjørnskov, “The Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis on the press: is there an association between economic freedom and press freedom?”


Sinclair Davidson,Primavera de Filippi and Jason Potts “Blockchains and the economic institutions of capitalism”


Daniyar Nurbayev, “The rule of law, central bank independence, and price stability”


Cameron Hardwick, “Money and its institutional substitutes: the role of exchange institutions in human cooperation”


Andrew Young, “Hospitalitas: Barbarian settlements and constitutional foundations of medieval Europe”


Rok Spruk and Aleksandar Kešeljevi, “Economic freedom and growth across German districts”


Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Francesca Gagliardi and David Gindis, “From Cambridge Keynesian to institutional economist: the unnoticed contributions of Robert Neild”


Issue 14(5), October 2018

Carl David Mildenberger, “Spontaneous disorder: conflict-kindling institutions in virtual worlds”


Bryan McCannon, Colleen Tokar Asaad and Mark Wilson, “Contracts and trust”


Dylan Dellisanti and Richard E. Wagner, “Bankruptcies, bailouts, and some political economy of corporate reorganization”


Nadia von Jacobi, “Institutional interconnections: understanding symbiotic relationships”


Julia Norgaard, Harold J. Walbert and R. August Hardy, “Shadow markets and hierarchies: comparing and modeling networks in the Dark Net”


Colin Harris, “Institutional solutions to free-riding in peer-to-peer networks: a case study of online pirate communities”


Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian and Cristián Larroulet, “Ideas, leaders, and institutions in 19th-century Chile”


Giampaolo Garzarelli and Lyndal Keeton, “Laboratory federalism and intergovernmental grants”


Issue 14(6), December 2018 (forthcoming)



David Harper “Innovation and institutions from the bottom up: an introduction”


Joel Mokyr, “Bottom-up or top-down? The origins of the Industrial Revolution”


Jason Potts, “Governing the innovation commons”


Richard N. Langlois, “Fission, forking, and fine-tuning”


David Harper and Anthony Endres, “From Quaker Oats to Virgin Brides: brand capital as a complex adaptive system”


Jonathan M. Barnett, “The costs of free: commoditization, bundling and concentration”


Scott Shane and Nicos Nicolaou, “Exploring the changing institutions of early stage finance”


Rebecca Eisenberg, “Shifting institutional roles in biomedical innovation in a learning healthcare system"