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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 13, 2017 (4 issues)

Issue 13(1), March 2017




Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “Introduction to the Douglass C. North Memorial Issue”


Avner Greif and Joel Mokyr, “Cognitive rules, institutions and economic growth: Douglass North and beyond”


Emmanouil M. L. Economou and Nicholas C. Kyriazis, “The emergence and the evolution of property rights in ancient Greece”


Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “1688 and all that: Property rights, the Glorious Revolution and the rise of British capitalism”


Bas van Bavel, Erik Ansink and Bram van Besouw, “Understanding the economics of limited access orders: Incentives, organizations and the chronology of developments”


Christopher A. Hartwell, “Determinants of property rights in Poland and Ukraine: the polity or politicians?”


Darren O’Connell and Siobhan Austen, “The tortoise and the hare: How North’s institutional ideas resolved a nineteenth century Australian fable”


Ilia Murtazashvili, “Institutions and the shale boom”


Peter Calcagno and Edward Lopez, “Informal norms trump formal constraints: The evolution of fiscal policy institutions in the United States”


Issue 13(2), June 2017


Matthias Olthaar, Wilfred Dolfsma, Clemens Lutz and Florian Noseleit, “Markets and institutional swamps: tensions confronting entrepreneurs in developing countries”


Carsten Gerner-Beuerle, “Diffusion of regulatory innovations: The case of corporate governance codes”


Eduard Braun, “The theory of capital as a theory of capitalism”


Arusha Cooray, Nabamita Dutta and Sushanta Mallick, “The right to be free: Is media freedom good news for women’s rights?”


Michael Bleaney and Arcangelo Dimico, “Ethnic diversity and conflict”


Yanlong Zhang and Wolfram Elsner, “A social-leverage mechanism on the Silk-Road: Private institution-building in central Asia, 7th-9th century"


Kunal Sen and Chaitali Sinha, “The location choice of US foreign direct investment: How do institutions matter?”


Horst Feldmann, “Economic freedom and human capital investment”


Michaël Bauwens, “The ontology of fractional reserve banking”


Amr Khafagy, “Political institutions and financial cooperative development”



Issue 13(3), September 2017


Christian Schubert, “Exploring the (behavioral) political economy of nudging”


Hilton Root, “Network assemblage of regime stability and resilience: comparing Europe and China”


Russell S. Sobel, “The rise and decline of nations: the dynamic properties of institutional reform”


Hans Pitlik and Martin Rode, “Individualistic values, institutional trust, and interventionist attitudes”


Armelle Mazé, “Standard-setting activities and new institutional economics”


Astrid Hopfensitz and Josepa Miquel-Florensa, “Mill ownership and farmer's cooperative behavior: The case of Costa Rica coffee farmers”


Raymond J. March, “Skin in the game: Comparing the private and public regulation of isotretinoin”


Tarun Jain and Ashima Sood, “How does relationship-based governance accommodate new entrants? Evidence from the cycle rickshaw rental market”


Antony W. Dnes and Graham Brownlow, “The formation of terrorist groups: An analysis of Irish republican organizations”



Peter A. Boettke and Rosolino J. Candela, “Price theory as prophylactic against popular fallacies”



Issue 13(4), December 2017



Benito Arruñada, “Property as sequential exchange: The forgotten limits of private contract”




Douglas Allen, “Property as sequential exchange: definition and language issues”


Dean Lueck, “Property institutions and the limits to Coase”


Claude Ménard, “What institutional foundation for what order?”


Henry Smith, “Property as complex interaction”




Benito Arruñada, “How should we model property? Thinking with my critics”




Daniel Cole, “Law, norms, and the ‘Institutions Analysis and Development’ framework”


Peter Earl, Lana Friesen and Christopher Shadforth, “The efficiency of market-assisted choice: An experimental analysis of mobile phone connection service”


Virgil Storr, Laura Grube and Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, “Polycentric orders and post-disaster recovery: a case study of one Orthodox Jewish community following Hurricane Sandy”


Käroly Mike, “The intellectual orders of a market economy”


Nauro F. Campos and Francesco Giovannoni, “Political institutions, lobbying and corruption”


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