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Supplementary Material

This page was set up to carry additional, non-refereed material (data, diagrams, etc.) that related to an article published in JOIE, but for reasons of space was not included in the original article.

This facility on this website is no longer available for new material. But there is no plan to remove the postings listed below.


Henceforth, authors who wish to make some supplementary material available to reviewers or other readers should post it on their own website, or on the website of their institution, or elsewhere. They may then refer to this supplementary material (and provide links) in the submitted article. Supplementary material must not be included online with the submitted article.


Archive of Supplementary Material


JOIE 8(3) September 2012

Björn Vollan "Weird reciprocity? A 'within-culture across-country' trust experiment and a methodological remark".  Supplementary material.


JOIE 11(1) March 2015

Kostadis J. Papaioannou and Jan Luiten van Zanden, “The Dictator Effect: How long years in office affect economic development”. Supplementary material.

JOIE 12 (1) March 2016

Jamie Bologna, Donald J. Lacombe, and Andrew T. Young, A spatial analysis of incomes and institutional quality: Evidence from US metropolitan areas”. Supplementary material.

Michael Kopsidis and Daniel W. Bromley, “The French Revolution and German industrialization: dubious models and doubtful causality”. Supplementary material.

JOIE 12(2) June 2016

Olivier Thevenon, “Do ‘institutional complementaries’ foster female labour force participation?” Supplementary material.

JOIE 13(2) June 2017

Kunal Sen and Chaitali Sinha, “The location choice of US foreign direct investment: How do institutions matter?” Supplementary material.


JOIE 13(3) September 2017

Astrid Hopfensitz and Josepa Miquel-Florensa, “Mill ownership and farmer's cooperative behavior: The case of Costa Rica coffee farmers”. Supplementary Material.



Alan Green, "Democracy and institutions in postcolonial Africa". Supplementary material.

Peter E. Earl, Lana Friesen and Christopher Shadforth, "The efficiency of market-assisted choice: An experimental analysis of mobile phone connection service recommendations". Supplementary Material.